Article: Bathrooms On The Go with Walk in Bathtubs

Bathrooms on the Go with Walk in Bathtubs

In today’s world there are so many people who spend so much of their time traveling. During holidays, vacations, and business trips, people are on the go all the time. Traveling in its self can be so hectic and challenging with all the things that can go wrong .The less aggravation we have to endure, the better. In the days of horse and carriages and covered wagons they had it so much worse than we do now, at least we have bathrooms. We have Walk in Bathtubs in bathrooms on buses, airplanes, boats, recreational vehicles, and even construction sites. We have it made compared to those guys.

Traveling bathrooms are probably one of man’s greatest inventions. At least they are one of the most appreciated. Just imagine an overseas airline flight with no real Walk in Bathroom on board. Well, who would want to imagine that? The bathroom you get to use on an airplane flight just might depend on which section of the plane you are in. First class and business class seats may have one or two bathrooms for each of these sections. The coach class or main cabin seats, as they are more commonly referred to today, usually have only one bathroom and it may have to accommodate as many as 200 people. You may have to wait on line to get your turn in coach and always remember to flush even if the person who went before you did not. The bathrooms in first class and business class will often have more luxurious bathrooms with things like heated toilet seats, optional bidets, and self flushing toilets. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

If you have ever ridden on a bus, then you already know that these bathrooms are really nothing to brag about, but at least they are there. Buses only make designated stops and it would be horrible if there was no bathroom at all. If you are traveling by passenger train you may have a bedroom compartment of your own and they will usually have a toilet in the tiny space. If you do not have a bedroom compartment then you have to use the public bathroom just like any where else.

Those who travel in recreational vehicles probably have it best. They usually have a full bathroom, albeit a bit small most of the time. This is so convenient for the motor home traveler. They can sometimes fill their water tanks and empty their septic receptacles at truck stops. Then there are always the parks for motor homes and these parks will have all the things needed to set up camp for a few days.

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